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Who we are

AFB Lawyers (afrobusiness lawyers) is a collaborative network of lawyers who work as individual freelancers, and are focused on providing legal advice to private companies and public institutions.

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Why us

We provide the best legal service for our clients with a focus on integrity, trust and security, being responsible for acting preventively in situations that could affect the future and the image of our client.

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Property & Business contribution

AFB Lawyers meets the business demand, based on guidance, planning and analysis of results. Of course, all this acting through the law and the limitations present in entrepreneurship.

A lawyer in your company has complete freedom and autonomy to evaluate contracts between clients, partners and suppliers. The professional will evaluate each clause and indicate the fairest condition for both parties, reducing future risks such as fraud.

It has the power to assist in decision making regarding the type of regime that your company should adopt (Simples Nacional, Presumed Profit, Real Profit).

In addition, the lawyer can monitor the work of the accounting department,in partnership, so that everyone can find the best tax option and the way to pay taxes and other accounting obligations.

AFB Lawyers can also interfere in the construction of hiring and termination processes, advising the company and the employee on the necessary measures.

Practical Areas

AFB, as a result of the specific training, profile and experience of its Associates, works with a focus on the following areas.

Business law

• Commercial rights

• Labor Rights

• Contracts

• Commercial Licensing

Investment Law

• Internal


• Internacional

Public right

• Constitucional

• Administrative

• Internacional

• Comunitary

Tax and Customs Law

• Infractions and penalties (fines and prohibitions to trade)

• Tax process

• Decay and prescription

• Customs organization.

Real Estate Rights

• Own

• Aliens

• Possession

Start Ups rights

• Creation

• Financing

• Incentives

• Extinction

Family and succession rights

• Contracts, Recognition and Dissolution of Stable Marriage

• Divorce

• Goods Sharing

• Writing of Wills

Administrative and procedural simplification

• Scope of the transitional regime

• Deliberative procedural conference

• Amendment to the Administrative Procedure Code


• Writing legal texts

• Deliberations

• Regulations

Nationality Rights

• Residence

• Legalization of foreigners

Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Regimes

• Writing legal texts

• Deliberations

• Regulations


Meet our professionals

DJE Kouamé Olivier


• Post-graduate diploma specializing in international economic law

• Certificate in regional integration

• Regional Trade Director at the Ministry of African Integration

• Precisely in the regional trade of CEDEAO

• Member of the national committee for the approval of the CEDEAO trade liberalization plan



•Principal Economic Investigator

•Masters in Private Law

• Doctorate (Ph.D) in Business Law and Commercial Diplomacy

• Delegate of Senegal to the WTO

• Teacher-in charge of the OMC Module for the Master 2 PNCI of the FASEG

• Member of the ECOWAS Group of Experts

• ECOWAS technical and legal assistance framework for investments

Milton Paiva


• Deputy of the Nation in the National Assembly of Cape Verde

• Co-founder and President Instituto Democracy and Development (IDD)

• Lawyer and legal advisor for start ups and companies

• Professional Master's Degree in Public International Law

• Executive Certificate in Development Policies and Practices, by IHEID

• Postgraduate in Public Regulation and Competition


AFB Advogates (afrobusiness lawyers) is a collaborative network of lawyers who work as individual freelancers and are focused on providing legal advice to private companies and public institutions.


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